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Hi there. Thanks for checking us out! If you're reading this, there is a chance you are stiff, tight, and have not found the answers you are looking for on your health journey. If this is the case, we want to let you know that you are not alone, and we here at Fitsom got your back - Via massage, breathing and other modalities. We help YOU find your groove again. Our community is dedicated to not only helping you with your shoulder tightness, but also developing the best version of yourself via bodywork, recovery, and community events. Take a look around the site, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to hit us up.

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12 sessions to understand your body at a much deeper level. 12 sessions dedicated to addressing the root of dysfunction, from lower back, shoulder, or even deep pelvic pain. It all starts with an assessment.

We believe each person’s needs have to be addressed in a way as unique as the individual themselves. A formal assessment is a fantastic way to get you on the right path to healing here at Fitsom. Drop us your info and a practitioner will reach out to you shortly to see if an assessment is right for you!

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We are looking forward to hearing your story, and helping you feel good again. The fastest way to connect with us is via the form below.

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We all have them throughout a lifetime; aches and pains that develop into real life debilitating issues. They affect our posture, day to day activities and even result in life altering surgeries. Luckily… Right here in Curtis Park, a group of young practitioners and entrepreneurs are leading the way in changing how we look at health and wellness. Drop us your email and we will share with you our favorite theraputic practices to keep your body feeling loose & mobile.

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The Fitsom Method is based off of four pillars that we have developed here at the studio for over a decade. Both our clients and our practitioners have found these pillars to be utterly crucial in optimizing physical performance, day to day living, and resolving complications caused by poor posture and pain. Starting with mindset, the pillars are also to be seen as the steps one must take here at the studio. After having effectively mastered each, you will be able to carry their lessons with you for a lifetime.