Wim Hof is a the creator of the Wim Hof Method. Wim has spent more than 30 years of training in nature. The story goes  that nature has always been calling Wm. Even as a kid he liked to walk barefoot in the snow during the winter months in the Netherlands and in 1977 at the age of 17 he took his first winter plunge into the moats of Amsterdam’s Beatrix Park.  Wim couldn’t resist the call any more and found himself coming back again and again as he slowly learned to train the mind, and the breath to withstand the colder for longer. Fast forward a few years to 1995 after Wim grow up and his wife have 4  small kids and he loses her suddenly and tragically when she committed suicide.

Wim says that he kids kept him alive but his time in nature  perfecting what is now the Wim Hof Method that healed him. In same year Wim loses his wife the media had started to take notice of his antics in the cold.. By chance one day in 1995 a television crew visited for an outdoor interview and a nearby skater fell through the ice, and Wim jumped in to rescue the man. Instantly Holland had a hero.

Wim grew bolder breaking one world record after the another to today were he holds 26 of them including running a marathon under the polar circle in nothing but shorts, climb Mt. Everest to the Death Zone point also only in shorts, and running a marathon in the Nimbi Desert without water.

However it was in 2007 when Wim did a world record in New York that the Feinstein Institute studied Wim’s feats. The results showed that Wim developed the capacity to influence his autonomic nervous system and reduce the inflammation in his blood. Influencing the autonomic nervous system was thought to be  previously impossible up until this point.

Wim continued to try and get more people to study him and the Radboud University took up the call. First they studied just him and they were amazed by the results  and because of Wim’s continued to claim and believe that he is not special that anyone can do what he can do. The scientist repeated the previous endotoxin study that they had done on Wim on a small group of people wim had personally trained the scientist were again amazed by the results.



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Not only did Wim but the group he trained also were able to influence their immune system something that was part of our autonomic nervous system and suppose to happen automatically and outside of our control.  The typical results of this study result in patients getting severe fever, chills, nausea for several hours.

The endotoxin tricks the immune system into believe that there is e coli in the blood steam (even though the patients are not injected with a live version of the bacteria the body and immune system recognizes the endotoxin and mounts a defense). This causes the immune system to release large amount of inflammation markers called cytokines resulting in the patients worsing systems.

It is our immune system’s adaptive reactions that cause the symptoms typically seen like fever and chills. However when Wim and his group practiced their breathing technique before and after being injected with the endotoxin. Their immune system mounted a more balance defense and the experienced little to no symptoms and what symptoms they did have only lasted for minutes  compared to their hospital roommates who became very ill for several hours after being injected.

This study has very large implications not only because ordinary people like you and me were able to do things with their bodies that scientist had previously thought  impossible all with a little training and practice. But also because this research is leading to new possibilities for people suffering from autoimmune diseases. Diseases where the body’s own immune system is overreacting   and attacking it self causing pain and widespread chronic inflammation which over time damages the body's tissues and systems even further.

With this new study Wim could now prove that his method could help people and that anyone could do it. It became his life goal to share his finding with the whole  world to help old and young, healthy and sick so they could all benefit.

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