Over the last ten years the world of fitness has changed expositionally. From bodybuilding to big box corporate gyms to crossfit. As our culture and society has grown our fitness wants and needs have changed dramatically. Some of this is business, clear cut entrepreneurship, and some of it has evolved via the science. One thing that we feel has been completely left out of the picture though is the clear relationship between fitness and health. To this day there is a clear separation of fitness of the muscles, body fat etc. and health/happiness. 

There have been some pretty amazing technological advancements in last 150 years. Tech that has changed or society for better or worse, among those are electricity for the general public. The mass production of cars and in our lifetimes I believe the Iphone has changed the game and been the #1 influencer in our current situation of overall health. 

Statistically speaking, our health is suffering now more than ever before. According the to the human longevity project, Jason Prall, the current generation of children will be the first generation to not outlive the previous generation. This is obviously not a great trend, overall health should be the metric by which we make a number of big decisions in our lives. But yet, as a collective we have obisoulsy made the wrong ones if our kids won’t outlive our grandparents. Here at fitsom, we’ve made an observation, starting off as a gym we saw our clients come in with major postural dysfunctions. We heard our clients complain about pain from their necks and shoulders to their pelvis and lower backs. After doing some surface level research we knew that our system was flawed, and we changed. We value health over everything because it doesn't matter if you don't have a lick of fat on your frame if your kidney fails, or if you’re so stressed out that you have a stroke. We had to change, and we had to go all in health. 

So with that said, we want to make a statement as to what health means to us and how we plan to go about this. 

First and foremost health to Fitsom means a balanced nervous system. When taking on any client our first goal is to achieve a more balanced nervous system. Achieving this means our client has the ability to breathe in a regulated manner and therefore not be in a constant state of flight or fight. This is important for a number of reasons, but for us here, it’s important because we are about to do a lot of massage and someone that is stuck in fight or flight cannot relax into the massage to deal with the physical adhesions that are keeping them from moving well in their day to day activities. Teaching a client how to breathe properly is a wonderful thing, and something that the client will have likely for the rest of their lives. 

Once we bring some order to the equation, it’s time to deal with those knots that are likely plaguing the body. One of the most influential muscle groups in the body is the psoas and rectus abdominis. These muscles are very big and play a major role in your posture, digestion and ability to move efficiently. A healthy human being must have a good length tension relationship in the psoas, rectus abdominis areas of the body. Once this is cleared we can move on to other areas, but fitsom practitioners will always check these areas first and foremost as they are so influential. 

There was a time where we thought that knots and stored tension were just knots and stored tension. Nothing too alarming, but something we had to deal with in order to move better. But after years of seeing clients, and researching this is not the case. A knot is not just a knot, and stored tension can be very complex, and emotional. 

According to Ida Rolf, tension in the body can be derived from traumatic events spanning a lifetime. IE falling down as a six year old child can tighten a muscle that will stay for the next 20-40 years if not dealt with manually. In other words, you can be dealing with lower back pain from an short psoas because you had a tramatic experience over 10 years ago. Car wrecks, abusive relationships, childhood bullying, and of course war for the veterans out there should manually checked and see a practioner that deals with these concepts. 

Knots vs blood vessels. 

Sometime ago we sat down to talk about the human body as a team and we concluded that the human body was a series of pumps and hoses. The heart being the biggest pump for blood circulation, but the liver  and lungs being equally as important. As a team we spoke about placement of the organs in relationship to posture. 

Think about posture, and how a rounded upper back can play a huge role in the placement of your vital organs. In the case of the psoas being incredibly short, the digestive system can pay for it due to placement, shortening the area where the digestive tract lives. The small intestine, the large intestine along with major blood circulation pathways like the large aorta artery can all suffer greatly from a chronically tight psoas. 

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