There has to be more to life than just being physically fit. Many people end up with preventable injuries and life long pain in their pursuit of fitness. Of course, life will always have pain. Humans will always experience anxiety and stress — it’s part of being human. Yet, there are things we can do to better cope with these challenges, and prevent them from blowing up into serious problems.

 Back in 2011, we started as your typical “get fit” gym. We took influence from Crossfit and boot camp style training, and held classes based around exercises you would imagine would be done in those settings. After sometime, we noticed something we didn’t like: our clients were often in pain, and new clients coming to us were often recovering from some kind of workout related injury! We couldn’t help but wonder, “what in the world is happening here?”

It was then that we knew something was missing. People come to the gym to feel good, get healthy, and build strength and stamina, yet they were not hitting these goals. Instead they were doing quite the opposite, getting stuck in the land of aches and pains. Something had to change! So we started to ask questions, do some research, and after collaborating with osteopaths, massage practitioners, chiropractors, neurologists, and physical therapists, we began to see the light.

Slowly, we transformed Fitsom into what it was meant to be all along. We veered away from boot camp style classes and started to teach functional movement patterns. After doing that for a while, we refined our purpose even more. Fitsom has, and always will, stand for Fit State of Mind. We were missing our own message, and in 2015 we really tapped into it.

 Rest. Nervous system balance. Recovery. These things were totally absent in the “fitness” and health world. This is why people are stressed out, anxious, and in chronic pain. It’s always go go go, in everyday life and at the gym. Go hard or go home. But where’s the rest? Where and when do we recover from our endless work? Fitsom believes that true health comes with true balance. That is why we are here to educate those looking to dive into a self care practice that will never burn out.

 Today, we teach our clients how to combat the stressors of everyday life (at work, at the gym, after yoga, while watching the kids) via breathing techniques, self myofascial release, meditation, and body awareness. We equip them with the tools they need to be self reliant, resilient, and calm when life throws them lemons. Because let’s face it, everybody needs to know how to make some damn lemonade.