These people are completely committed to you and your health, and they are intelligent, educated, and continually learning. They bring their unique philosophy and approach to you, and they teach you.
— Jered, Sacramento

Fitsom has been such a rewarding experience and environment to be in.
By taking the time to learn self care techniques, breathing techniques, and body awareness I have become conscious of correct posture and am empowered to heal and improve myself on my own time between classes.
— John, Sacramento

Fitsom Studios is a great place to improve your health. Their emphasis on proper form and myofascial release have really improved my mobility and level of fitness— no more shin splints, knee pain or low back pain!
— Kathy, Sacramento

This is the place if you want to really connect with your body and learn how to train the correct way.
— Linda, Sacramento

Through self-massage, or Self-Myofacial Release, and the breathing techniques that Fitsom teaches I’ve gained so much more awareness of my body and how each area of the body is connected and affects the whole.
— Rachel, Sacramento